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Thumbnail SCSA Joburg Logo May 14th, 2020 / Webinar with Jakkie Cilliers: Africa First!

The new book 'Africa First!', Dr. Jakkie Cilliers

Africa First! Igniting a Growth Revolution

COVID-19 will impact upon Africa’s growth prospects. The event examined the likely impact and look long-term to the future, based on Dr. Jakkie Cilliers’ new book, "Africa First! Igniting a Growth Revolution".

What needs to happen in terms of demographics, health and basic infrastructure, education, agriculture, inequality and poverty, manufacturing, leapfrogging, trade, security and governance to accelerate positive trends? Mr. Thomas Hippele from the Swiss Chamber of Commerce briefly presented on the perspective from Swiss companies invested in Africa, followed by a Q&A session.

African Futurist and Author, Dr. Jakkie Cilliers, is the founder and former Executive Director of the Institute for Security Studies (ISS), and currently their head of African Futures & Innovation. He has researched and published extensively on the long-term prospects of Africa across various dimensions and for a number of countries.

Webinar with Dr. Jakkie Cilliers

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